Shock claim: Prince Harry living in Meghan’s shadow!

Rumours about Prince Harry being unhappy in La La Land have been rife ever since he and Meghan Markle set up camp in Tyler Perry’s lavish Beverly Hills mansion.

And now it has been speculated that, not only is the prince feeling “lonely” and “directionless” in his new surroundings, but he is also living in the Duchess’ shadow as he tries to navigate the new norm.

According to a report in the National Enquirer, a royal insider has sensationally claimed that before Harry fled to the US with Meghan, he was a “happy-go-lucky” prince with plenty of self-esteem.

But since arriving in tinsel town, the prince now appears to be “struggling” and often looks uncomfortable, the source went on to allege.

“She’s ripped him from his security blanket – all his ties with his family and friends and high-paying royal job – making him an exile struggling to stay afloat in dog-eat-dog Hollywood,” the insider claimed.

The recent comments echo the words of body language expert Judi James, who said Harry looked “awkward” and “trapped” in a video call, in which he called on the Commonwealth to “acknowledge” its past wrongs.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Judi said Harry looked “awkward” and often “spoke down to the floor”, with his position at the far side of the frame making it look as though he was “trapped”. 

The body language expert went on to say that while Meghan was “mesmerising” in her video call delivery, Harry either repeated her words or added a “yeah” after she made a point.

She also said Meghan spoke while casting a solid gaze towards the camera, while the Duke looked “slightly awkward” and at times looked out of the shot, before looking down at the floor.

Whats’ more, Judi wasn’t the only critic of Harry’s “awkward” video, with several fans taking to social media to comment on how watching the footage made them feel “uncomfortable”.

One viewer even went as far as to say that the prince looked like he was being “held hostage” during the call.

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