Princess Mary’s Embarrassment, Princess Isabella Outburst In Public

Royals are suffering from heartbreaks, whether they are Princess Margaret, Princes Andrew, and Harry. It has been observed that in every generation, there is a rebellious royal “spare to the heir”. And now, Princess Isabella of Denmark, 14-year-old appears to be joining their ranks.

Third in line to the Danish throne behind her father, Prince Frederik, and brother, Prince Christian, recently made headlines when she was caught shattering at her mother, Princess Mary, during Christian’s confirmation.

The video has gone viral; the Danish royals can be seen lining up for photographs. An irritated Isabella is then overheard telling Mary, “I was supposed to go with Grandma … Don’t you get that?”

The newidea wrote, the prominent fiery independence, in May, the teen attended a major event without her parents, turning up to the opening of Mate Bike’s flagship store in Copenhagen with two pals.

Oskar Aanmoen royal historian tells New Idea that Isabella has a “strong personality” and isn’t afraid to show it, even when in public.

“[Isabella] is one of the most independent women in the Danish royal family,” Aanmoen explains. “She always has a quick reply waiting and appears fearless in most settings, even though the cameras are aimed at her.”

Reportedly, Princess Mary left heartbroken that her eldest daughter spoke rudely to her at such a public event. And, Aanmoen believes Mary, 49, would have had some strict words for Isabella after the event. But as every parent knows, it can be difficult to scolding a willful teen.

“I am sure Mary talked to her daughter about this when the cameras were gone.”

In the meantime, Isabella’s paternal uncle, Prince Joachim, recently opened up about the struggles of being a second-born royal, as the duties of the firstborn, and eventual heir, are defined from birth.

In an interview with French magazine, Point de Vue, Joachim, who is a year younger than Frederik and now sixth in the line of succession, admitted: “Between us, it is more complicated. The Crown Prince simply has to follow the course of events. However, nothing is defined for the second-born son.

“My father became acquainted with the same dissatisfaction and never managed to get his place in the royal family pinned down. But it is not always easy. I experience the same dissatisfaction as my father. We have to find out for ourselves while staying within the role of number two in the row.”

Now, Mary is worried that Isabella may be pro tem as a consequence of her place – and this could be just the commencement.

“When Isabella is as strong and independent as she already is, one can only imagine what a strong figure she will be in the future,” says Aanmoen, adding that the Danes love her rebellious streak. “Most people think it is a bit refreshing.”

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