Princess Diana, ‘A Free Bird’: The Life After Divorce

Diana ached to find happiness following her divorce after 15 years of marriage. After the official announcement of her divorce from Charles, Princess of Wales, Diana continued to work for the welfare of the people until her tragic accidental death in 1997.

Ultimately, she quit several charities following her divorce and going away from the royal family but she dedicated herself to humanity. To this day she is still credited for her huge influence on AIDS campaigns around the world.

Diana publicly touched the AIDS patients, and this led to altering how the world perceived the disease. She also carried that same devotion to her work campaigning against landmines with the HALO Trust, which said her see with children who were landmine fighters.

Once she said, “If I’m going to talk on behalf of any cause, I want to go see the problem for myself and learn about it.” Well! About her personal life, Diana at all times held out optimism for her happily ever after. Following her split from Charles, she continued her relationship with James Hewitt who was posted overseas as a Gulf War tank commander in 1991.

When she got separated in 1992, the princess got close to now-deceased art dealer Oliver Hoare. Their affiliation rapidly bloomed into a one-to-one fascination on her part. In 1994, when Oliver complained to police about 300 silent nuisance calls made to his home and business, Diana was directly implicated by the British press.

However, their relationship couldn’t get clear. But, when she has fallen for the surgeon Hasnat Khan in a London hospital lift, Diana knew that the fiercely private doctor was destined to be the love of her life. “I think I’ve met my Mr. Wonderful,” she told friends soon after their brief encounter on September 1, 1995.

The two-year intense love affair started that saw Diana’s dream of moving to Hasnat’s native Pakistan where they could “change the world together”. She loved his devotion and will, and hoped to bring a daughter with him in the world.

He revered her kindness but hated her celebrity, and ultimately it became clear that their dream of a shared life was just an illusion.

In the UK summer of 1997, the couple separated and said their goodbyes when Diana started dating Dodi Fayed. Fated to be the last of Diana’s lovers, showy playboy Dodi could not have been more different to Hasnat.

Her friends advised Diana not to get tangled with the son of the provocative Egyptian–born tycoon Mohamed Al-Fayed – the owner of her favorite store, Harrods – but she was deaf to the pleas. After the separation from Hasnat, an invitation to holiday with her sons at Mohamed’s villa in the South of France must have been most welcome.

On July 14, 1997, she told the photographers who tailed her to Saint-Tropez: “You are going to get a big surprise with the next thing I do.” But nobody expected her to fall for Mohamed’s film-producer son Dodi, who was called in to help entertain William and Harry.

The newidea wrote, “Leaving his fiancée Kelly Fisher, a Calvin Klein model behind in Paris, Dodi was pictured frolicking in the Mediterranean with Diana. Soon after, they spent the weekend in Paris together, followed by another cruise onboard Mohamed’s luxury yacht, Jonikal, in Sardinia.

In August the lovers took their last fateful trip to Paris. Tragically, it was to end in the infamous high-speed car chase and a fatal crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel. Dodi died at the scene and a severely injured Diana was rushed to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital.

After operating for two hours, doctors struggled to save her life, and she was pronounced dead on the morning of August 31, 1997.”

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