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Prince Harry’s ‘Explosive’ $27M Biography ‘Leaked’?!

The British royal family whirling from the revelations about Prince Harry’s upcoming “explosive” memoir.

Woman’s Day edition of this week reports that Prince Harry’s new memoir has left the rest of the royals in crisis mode. According to news, Harry clarified,

“I’m writing this not as the prince I was born but as the man, I have become,” adding, “I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned over the source of my life… and excited for people to read a firsthand account of my life that’s accurate and wholly truthful.”

According to the publication, The Firm has been left reeling, wanting to learn what exactly Harry plans to write, but they’re left grasping at straws because the book won’t be out until late 2022.

A “frankly disgusted” an inside source told the tabloid,

“It seems he’s deliberately holding out until after the queen’s platinum jubilee, and perhaps aligning it with the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death — either way, it’s sure to overshadow each event in the most toxic way possible.”

Another insider adds that the biography will “no doubt has plenty of chapters written by Meghan as well as Harry, even if there’s only his name on it.”The suspect continues, “Meghan’s been pushing him to go public with the name of the senior royal who made alleged racist comments about their then-unborn child.”

“Meghan was disappointed Harry never went as far as naming his accused during their Oprah TV special. She’s also hoping for her husband to vindicate her from staff bullying claims made against her recently.” – an insider adds.

Harry’s father and brother, Prince Charles and Prince William, are concerned that they will be the ‘focus of the narrative.’ According to the source,

“Harry’s already made it perfectly clear that he blames his father for most of his problems, and a book gives him a chance to go into it more than he has on his Hollywood appearances — which is bad news for Charles, who will take the throne in the next few years with this hanging over his head.”

The outlet also mentions Markle might be pushing Harry to assassinate Kate Middleton’s character as a part of her everlasting grudge towards the duchess.

The source concludes, “This book has the potential to do permanent damage to the palace, and Harry knows it. It’s all very convenient that he can pour ‘his truth’ into a memoir when he knows damn well the palace is unlikely to dignify it with a response.”

According to Gossip Cop, despite the eye-catching title — “Harry’s $27 Million Biography Leaked!” — no authentic information about the book was provided. Instead, the outlet published the thoughts of claimed “palace insiders” on what Harry might include in the book. Sure, Harry is entitled to write about whatever he wants, but this provocative piece is just speculative.

According to Harry’s description of the book, it is about his journey. It’s unknown whether the royal family was aware of the book’s creation, but it’s Harry’s narrative, and he has every right to tell it. The royal family will undoubtedly be featured because they are his family, but we doubt the book’s only message would be “the royals are bad”; that’s not a compelling premise.  – the source says.

Is the tabloid aware that Harry and Meghan Markle are married? Because they are partners and confidants, their beliefs, ambitions, and descriptions of shared events will most likely be similar. It’s not because Markle is working on Harry’s memoir as a ghostwriter.

Gossip cop states that the tabloid finally emphasizes how valuable the memoir is at $27 million. While he is thought to have gotten a $20 million advance from his publisher, he has stated that all earnings from book sales will be donated to charity.

When Harry is donating a significant chunk of his earnings to a worthwhile cause, it’s unjust to look at this book merely as a money grab. And it’s evident from the tabloid’s omission of this detail that it aimed to mislead.

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