Prince Harry

Prince Harry Not Featured in Sandhurst’s Notable Graduates List, Stirring Controversy

Prince Harry has recently faced a notable exclusion as he was not listed among the 200 prominent figures in Sandhurst’s guide to its most distinguished graduates. While his brother Prince William was not only included but also contributed the foreword to the book, Harry’s absence has sparked discussions.

Former British Army Commander Richard Kemp suggested that the decision to omit Prince Harry might be linked to his comments in his autobiography, “Spare.” Kemp observed that Harry’s service didn’t stand out in terms of notable achievements, but his high profile made him a significant attendee of Sandhurst.

However, Kemp speculates that the recent tensions between Harry and the Royal Family could have influenced the decision to leave him out.

Kemp further pointed to a controversial statement in “Spare,” where Harry mentioned that the Army trained him to see the enemy as less than human. This comment, according to Kemp, has cast a shadow over Harry’s positive contributions and might have contributed to his exclusion from the list.

In “Spare,” Prince Harry discussed his experiences serving in Afghanistan, including referring to Taliban members as “chess pieces” and admitting to killing 25 people. He described these individuals not as people but as “chess pieces removed from the board,” a perspective that received backlash from the military community. This portrayal and its subsequent controversy have added another layer to the debate surrounding Prince Harry’s legacy as a Sandhurst graduate.

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