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Preparing Prince George for Royal Duties While Keeping Life Normal

At just ten years of age, Prince George is already being groomed for the responsibilities and duties that accompany royal life, including the eventual role of monarch. His involvement as a page of honor during King Charles’ coronation last May marked a significant step in this preparation, making him the youngest heir to the throne to participate in such a ceremony.

Despite the gravity of his future responsibilities, Prince George’s parents, Kate and William, are determined to ensure that his upbringing remains as normal as possible, amidst the inevitable royal obligations. Royal author Robert Hardman, in a conversation with People Magazine, shed light on the delicate balance the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are striving to achieve in raising Prince George.

They acknowledge the uniqueness of George’s future but are committed to a parenting approach that minimizes the intimidation factor of his eventual role as king. Hardman’s insights suggest that there is a concerted effort to ensure that royal duties do not overshadow the childhoods of George and his siblings, aiming for an upbringing that, while unique, is as close to normal as feasible.

Hardman, in his book “The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarch,” emphasizes Prince William’s dedication to this task, considering it among his most crucial responsibilities. Preparing Prince George for his future role involves not just acquainting him with the duties and expectations of a monarch but also ensuring that the prospect is not daunting.

The approach to Prince George’s royal engagements is also subject to careful consideration. According to Hardman, sources close to Prince William suggest that Prince George is unlikely to be seen in the full throes of royal engagements until he is well into his twenties.

This strategy aims to provide George with a semblance of choice regarding his future, a luxury not fully afforded to his predecessors, including Prince Charles and Prince William. This cautious and considerate approach to Prince George’s future took a notable turn in July 2023 when reports emerged that George might not be required to serve in the Armed Forces, diverging from a longstanding tradition within the royal family, reported Daily Mail.

This potential shift underscores a broader intent to allow Prince George the freedom to carve out his path, free from the rigid expectations that have historically been placed on heirs to the throne. The move sparked considerable discussion, highlighting the evolving nature of royal upbringing and the balance between tradition and individual autonomy within the context of the British monarchy.

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