NHS fears and could put Pressure on Hospitals in Tourism Hotspots

NHS Providers, which describes hospitals, have declared a warning to health trusts in tourism hotspots that they could strive to cope.

Having said that the holiday hotspots in summer are expected to see a rise in best visitor’s place which is now troubling hospital bosses who are struggling to cope with the backlog.

Chief executive Chris Hopson said, “he was concerned about the transmissibility of the B1617.2 Indian variant and the large number of people who have still to receive a jab”.

According to the Independent, he informed though hospitals wouldn’t be surprised by Covid-19 cases in the same way as they were last year, they were already strained due to dealing with the backlog of cases built up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having said that by the rising cases of coronavirus patients will cause issues in some hospitals which are still operating under decreased capacity due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Mr. Hopson stated: “Significant numbers of Covid-19 hospital inpatients will adversely impact care backlog recovery”.

“The current degree of pressure on hospitals is worrying especially since we saw clear summer demand surges in the two years before Covid-19.

“But if, as the evidence above suggests, the success of the vaccination operation means much lower levels of hospitalization, serious illness, and mortality, even with (the) new variant, that is very significant and important. This means there is a difficult decision to make for June 21.”

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