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Bizarre Night Sweats: The Unexpected Symptom of the New UK-Dominant Covid Variant!

Britain’s newest Covid adversary, the BA.5 variant, is giving a nocturnal twist to the pandemic experience. Often referred to as Omicron’s “sibling”, this variant’s takeover comes with an unexpected bedtime surprise: night sweats. The revelation, shared by Professor Luke O’Neill from Trinity College Dublin, has left many intrigued and concerned.

 The Government announced on Wednesday that the rollout of the latest COVID-19 vaccine booster is being brought forward from October to September, as a precautionary measure against another Omicron variant of the virus, BA.2.86.

Currently dominating 65% of US cases and with rising prevalence in the UK, BA.5 is believed to be akin to Omicron in terms of mildness. Yet, it showcases a knack for easier transmission and the potential to sneak past prior immunity.

But what’s truly capturing attention is the bizarre symptom. As the nights get increasingly sweaty for some, other symptoms like sneezing, sore throat, and cough persist, as The Daily Star reports.

While night sweats typically link to factors like anxiety, medications, or menopause, the BA.5 strain adds a new reason for those drenched pajamas. And as we delve into this new chapter of the pandemic, staying informed and vigilant remains key. So next time you find yourself waking up in a midnight sweat, it might just be BA.5 saying hello.

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