Britain Loneliest Sheep

Britain’s Loneliest Sheep, Fiona, Hidden for Safety After Rescue from Scottish Highlands

Fiona, dubbed Britain’s loneliest sheep, has become the center of a controversy leading to her whereabouts being concealed for her own safety. This situation unfolded after she was heroically saved from a desolate part of the Scottish Highlands, where she had been living in solitude for over two years.

On Saturday, November 4th, five farmers orchestrated a challenging rescue from a remote shoreline. The contention arose over disagreements concerning the ideal environment for Fiona post-rescue. Activists from the animal rights group Animal Rising voiced their objections through a non-violent protest at Dalscone Farm, advocating for Fiona to be transferred to a sanctuary as opposed to being housed at a petting zoo, told BBC.

A representative from the group stated their commitment to ensuring Fiona’s welfare and indicated plans for a rescue operation of their own. In response to the demonstration, which included the use of a drone and banners calling to “Free Fiona,” “Farmer Ben” from Dalscone Farm recounted feeling overwhelmed and uneasy due to the presence of the campaigners.

He revealed plans for Fiona’s careful acclimatization to her new home, emphasizing that it would be done gently and under veterinary care. Addressing the public through a Facebook video, he reassured that Fiona would be afforded a luxurious and friendly environment, with ample time to adapt during the farm park’s off-season.

Ben expressed frustration that their intentions to provide Fiona with a comfortable and companion-filled life were being hindered, labeling the situation as regrettable.

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