Britain Loneliest Sheep

Britain’s Loneliest Sheep’ Saved from Remote Scottish Highlands Shore

In a heartwarming rescue operation, a sheep known as “Britain’s loneliest sheep” has been saved by a group of compassionate farmers in the Scottish highlands. The ewe, affectionately named Fiona, had been stranded at the base of steep cliffs for at least two years.

Cammy Wilson, a sheep farmer from Ayrshire, recounted the challenging rescue effort, describing Fiona as “over-fat” and the task of lifting her as “quite a job.” Nevertheless, Fiona was found to be in remarkable health.

Fiona’s plight was first discovered in 2021 when a kayaker named Jillian Turner spotted her on a shingle beach in Brora. Last month, Turner encountered Fiona again during the same journey and noted her eagerness to interact with humans. For a social animal like a sheep, enduring isolation for two years must have been excruciating.

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) played a vital role in Fiona’s rescue. Despite her good overall health, Fiona needs to be sheared. The SPCA plans to transport her to a specialized facility in Scotland where she can recuperate and start her new life.

With Fiona’s successful rescue, she is no longer “Britain’s loneliest sheep,” bringing a heartwarming end to her solitary ordeal.

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