( Image: Rachel Gee)

Mother-of-Three Living in Fear After Violent Mugging by Hooded Teens in Manchester

A 37-year-old mother of three is now living in fear, confined to her home, following a violent mugging orchestrated by two hooded teenagers. Rachel Gee was subjected to a brutal attack while traversing an alleyway in Offerton, Manchester, shortly after dropping off nappies at her daughter’s nursery. The assailants, riding bikes, targeted Rachel, with one knocking into her while the other approached from behind, forcefully grabbing her cross-body bag.

The terrifying incident unfolded as Rachel was dragged along the ground, struggling to retain possession of her bag, which ultimately contained her phone and an envelope holding her husband’s wages amounting to £750. The attackers, donning black scarves to conceal their identities, made a swift getaway, leaving Rachel physically and emotionally scarred.

Speaking to the MEN, Her injuries include serious bruising to her face and arm, with the emotional trauma preventing her from leaving her Offerton home without anxiety, leading her to avoid carrying a bag. Rachel’s mother, Helen Burton, revealed that her daughter’s reluctance to venture out is a consequence of the harrowing attack. Expressing concern about the prevalence of unsavory teenagers in the area, Helen mentioned considering reaching out to their local MP for assistance.

Recalling the incident, Helen highlighted the immediate response of a neighbor who called the police upon hearing the commotion. The police promptly took Rachel home, and her family was alerted to the distressing situation. Helen emphasized the shocking nature of the event, as such incidents were unprecedented for their family. Despite the trauma, the family has received an outpouring of supportive messages from the local community.

The attackers, described as teenagers in black hoodies and joggers riding black bicycles, are still at large. Rachel vividly remembers one of them wearing distinctive bright green trainers. Greater Manchester Police issued a statement urging anyone with information related to the incident to contact them, quoting log number 1515 of December 5, 2023.

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