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Royal Commentator Suggests Meghan Markle Hinders Prince Harry’s Reconciliation with UK Public and Royal Family

Royal commentator Nichi Hodgson recently described Meghan Markle as a “thorn” in Prince Harry’s side, suggesting that her presence could hinder Harry’s chances of regaining public favor and reconciling with the Royal Family. Speaking on GB News, Hodgson expressed that the British public’s distaste for Meghan Markle’s approach might be a significant obstacle for Prince Harry if he wishes to reintegrate into the royal circle.

Hodgson implied that the British people might welcome Prince Harry back, but his return could potentially require separation from Meghan. This speculation follows Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s move to the US in 2020 after stepping down from their royal duties. Since relocating, the couple has made various allegations against the Royal Family, leading to a noticeable decline in their popularity both in the UK and the US.

Edward Coram-James, a PR expert from GoUp, told that Prince Harry moving back to the UK, at least part-time, could be beneficial in regaining the trust of the British public. Coram-James highlighted that the perceived notion of Harry and Meghan considering themselves superior to the British was one of the reasons for the backlash. He emphasized that their move to America was complex and influenced by years of negative media attention, particularly towards Harry.

Coram-James further suggested that returning to the UK would demonstrate to the British people that Prince Harry still identifies with them and does not see himself as superior. He also mentioned that Harry’s absence from the UK might have reduced the influence of his support network, potentially leading to less effective decision-making.

The ongoing discussion around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continues to capture public and media attention, reflecting the complexities of their relationship with the Royal Family and the public perception following their departure from royal life.

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