Young Mother Misdiagnosed with Piles Dies of Colon Cancer

Mia Brehme, a young mother who initially believed she was suffering from post-birth piles, tragically lost her life to colon cancer at the tender age of 23. Despite her courageous battle against the disease, Mia passed away last month, leaving behind her three-year-old daughter, Kyla-Mae. Now, Mia’s older sister, Alicia, aged 28, is speaking out to raise awareness about colon cancer among young people.

Alicia, hailing from Leigh, Greater Manchester, shares the deep bond she had with Mia, recounting how they did everything together. Alicia was Mia’s birthing partner and was there for her during her pregnancy. She explains, “It was Mia’s dying wish for me to raise Kyla, and I will make her proud. Kyla looks just like her mummy, and it’s a comfort to me that her mummy lives on through her. We never for a minute thought that Mia’s symptoms could be anything so serious because she was a healthy young mum. I hope, in her name, young people will get checked out, and lives will be saved”, reported the mirror.

Alicia and Mia’s sisterly bond was forged through their shared experiences, including the loss of their mother, Joanne, at the age of 43, due to cancer, eight years ago. Mia became like a second mother to Alicia’s two sons, and when she became pregnant herself, she moved in with Alicia until her daughter was born. Mia was a devoted mother, known for her lively and outspoken personality, traits that she passed on to her daughter, Kyla.

In June 2023, Mia sought medical attention, complaining of rectal bleeding. Alicia recalls, “It turned out she’d been bleeding on and off since having Kyla, but she just presumed she had piles from giving birth, which is not unusual. She got some cream from the chemist, and they seemed to clear up. The bleeding was on and off.” However, Mia’s condition worsened, and she began experiencing extreme fatigue, along with symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, and constipation. After undergoing tests, Mia received the devastating diagnosis of stage four colon cancer in July of the same year.

The cancer had already advanced significantly, and while treatment was an option, it was not curative. Alicia shares, “It was a huge shock. She was a fit and healthy young mum, and it just didn’t seem true. Mia didn’t want to know the details; she wanted to remain positive and be around for as long as she could for her little girl.” Mia entrusted Alicia to receive updates about her condition, which was challenging for Alicia, who knew her sister was terminally ill while Mia remained optimistic.

Mia underwent chemotherapy, but unfortunately, it did not yield the desired results. She was later admitted to Wigan and Leigh Hospice, where she celebrated her 24th birthday on September 27. Less than a month later, she passed away. Alicia recalls the rapid deterioration, saying, “It was so fast. Cancer spreads very quickly in young people, which I was not aware of. She deteriorated quickly, and I spent every day at the hospice.”

In her sister’s memory, Alicia is determined to raise awareness about this deadly disease, especially among young individuals. She pleads, “If you have symptoms, no matter how minor they seem, please get checked. It could save your life.” Mia’s legacy lives on in her daughter, Kyla, who carries on her mother’s spirited nature and cherishes her memory.

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