Mike Tindall Is Together Again With Father Suffering From Parkinson’s Disease

Mike Tindall 42-year-old former England rugby star discussed his dad Philip’s battle with Parkinson’s disease as he hailed his “brilliant” wife Zara.

In six months, he opened up on the emotional topic after reuniting with dad Philip for the first time. They both couldn’t see each other for six months.

The two had been unable to see each other because of coronavirus restrictions.

During a segment on BBC Breakfast (Wednesday, June 16), reporter Sally Nugent goes together with Mike as he reunified with his parents. On Philip’s birthday, Mike took a chocolate cake around to his parents’ house.

After lovingly greeting his mum and dad, he sat down with Sally to clarify the issues his father had while coping with the disease. And he also praised Zara for her “brilliant” support. Mike explicated that his dad had been suffering from a neurological illness for almost 20 years.

He told that dad was first diagnosed, his rugby career was in full swing and it didn’t dawn on him “what Parkinson’s was”.

Though around the time of his wedding to Zara – daughter of Princess Anne – in 2011, the effects of the condition were starting to take hold, Mike said. Philip had got worse during the lockdown.

Mike praised Zara, who he says has been keeping him on his toes.

“She’s been brilliant,” he said.

“She sort of gets it and she sort of keeps me on my toes as well a little bit with it.

“And where we are in terms of finding out more about new drugs that are coming through and new trials and everything else.

“Yeah, she’s good at making sure I stay on my toes about what I’m trying to do as well.”

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