‘Kill It With Fire’: ‘Chilling’ TikTok Trend Showing Off How Easily One Can Fake Cry

‘White people acting like they’re in distress gets Black people shot.’

Recently, a TikTok trend causing disappointment across social media in which white women force themselves to cry. 

In a video posted by @ginfueledbrat on Twitter, a white woman is seen crying before discontinuing shortly and smiling.

This video is in the trends of many other videos. Ultimately, the funny genre has become a topic of conversation among social media users. Netzines are sharing their opinions on the videos, most of which mounted the topic of how white women have a history of faking distress and, ultimately, causing harm to Black people.

Imani Barbarin, or @Imani_Barbarin, a Black woman, shared another video on Twitter of the trend, saying it is nothing new to see white women fake cry. 

“This is not a trend, this is just our lives,” Barbarin said.

The dailydot.com wrote that in May 2020, a white woman named Amy Cooper was walking her released dog in Central Park. A Black man, Christian Cooper, who was in the park asked the woman to put her dog on a chain and he started filming her. In the video, she was heard saying, “I’m taking a picture and calling the cops.

I’m going to tell them an African American man is threatening my life.” This flashed a massive debate on social media, alleging that Amy Cooper knowingly put Christian Cooper in danger by exaggerating distress in a police call.

Incidents went to Twitter and they expressed their concerns on the platform.  “White people ‘acting like they’re in distress’ gets Black people shot,” user @KingLouXI said.  User @ginfueledbrat said to “kill it [the TikTok trend] with fire.”

Others, like @lexicon91, expressed their love for the trend, as it allows white women to “tell on themselves.” 

“Unpopular opinion, but I love to see white women giving one another a global platform to tell on themselves. Archive these videos and pull them out when a white woman tries to weaponize her tears,” they said. 

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