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Did Melania Trump Lie Under Oath Regarding Her Graduation?

Former First Lady Melania Trump’s citizenship has always been questioned by many even until now. Reports have resurfaced regarding the First Lady’s past, revealing how she lied under oath back in 2013.

In a report exploring the fate of the former model’s caviar-based skin-care line, Racked inadvertently stumbled upon a 2013 court deposition in which she said, under oath, that she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture.

“Would you please explain to the Judge your formal education including what schools you attended and from which you graduated?” an attorney asked, according to a transcript pulled by Racked.

“I attended and graduated from design school, from Fashion and Industrial Design School and also attended, graduated from architecture degree, bachelor degree,” she responded.

The resurfaced news comes in the form of what transpired during a court deposition back in 2013 when Melania Trump was involved in a lawsuit regarding her skincare brand which reportedly never got to launch to the public.

It was later revealed that while she did attend university, she dropped out to pursue a modeling career. Contrary to her claim, it was also later on written under her bio on her old website that she paused studies to further her modeling career in Milan and Paris.

The website now redirects to the Trump Organization.

Although this is not new to anyone, with Melania eventually coming clean about it back in 2016, it may still be worth reminding people about it due to the fact that her husband is up for reelection this year and this will no doubt be in question again.

However, the original contents can be accessed via the Internet Archive. Melania Trump had started her own brand on skincare products but the business would fail and was also subject to a lawsuit because of a business partner feud and failure of the holding company that apparently never made it into stores.

During the lawsuit, Melania Trump was asked about her formal education and that’s when she claimed that she had completed her degree in design and architecture.

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