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WATCH: Joe Biden Completely Devolves Into Rambling Incoherence in Yet another Appearance

Videos of United States (US) President Joe Biden appearing dazed and confused aren’t exactly rare these days. Here’s the video in which Biden looks like he forgets where he’s at and/or what he’s supposed to be doing while boarding Marine One.

At the beginning, he seems to be greeting people in his typical robotic fashion but then tries to just wander off. The secret service jump in and attempt to usher him back to Marine One, which he’s supposed to be boarding.

Instead of just turning around and going, he then looks to have a back and forth with the agents until Kamala Harris walks over, speaks to him, pats him on the shoulder, and points him in the right direction. That’s when Biden finally meanders toward the helicopter and boards.

Joe Biden’s issues are just leaving us hanging out in the wind. And here’s the time he started to answer questions and then had to stop and admit that someone, somewhere does not allow him to answer questions for some reason:

Furthermore, sometimes the speculation about Biden’s mental and physical health goes beyond just what he says. Here, watch this video and see what it looks like to you.

And then there’s the infamous “tripping up the stairs” video which was not so much funny as disturbing:

Moreover, the perplexed President seemed confused and bumbling as he struggled to read his notes and form a full thought as Biden sat down at Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to talk about whatever it is he talks about these days.

Is Biden taking some kind of medication that we aren’t being made aware of? I can’t say for sure, and to reiterate for the fact-checkers, this article is speculation, not a definitive declaration. But there’s something going on here, and the American people deserve to not have it white-washed.

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