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Meghan Is Looking Forward To A Remarkable Arrival To The UK In secret

Meghan can’t accept that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are back in the limelight. Harry is planning for another return to London, but this time not to attend the funeral. OK! God save the Queen.

In April, Harry returned home for the tragic and sad incident of his grandfather’s Philip’s funeral. In early July, he is waiting for the grand opening of the monument to the mother late Princess Diana. Harry’s visit is not confirmed due to her daughter’s arrival, but insiders close to the royal family say he will not want to miss the event.

Newly, moles of British tabloids shared new fascinating information that Meghan desires to care for her husband during the opening of the statue, and for this, she is ready to take a break from motherhood. On 4th June, Meghan delivered a daughter, who named after Queen Elizabeth and Lady Di-Lilibeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

The freenews wrote, Meghan will be a “secret guest” at the event, which will also be attended by Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Radar reported, the American actress knows “how hard” it was for her husband “to attend his grandfather’s funeral alone” and does not want the situation to repeat itself. His father and other close relatives met Harry coldly, and some didn’t talk to him at all.

“Meghan and Harry know that the focus will be on William, Kate, and their children. The Cambridges call Kensington Palace their home and are working feverishly to make sure everything goes flawlessly. This day will not only be dedicated to honoring Diana on her 60th birthday but will also be an opportunity for Prince William to take responsibility for continuing the mother’s cause,” the source added.

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