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Report: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Chose Their Baby’s Name For ‘Commercial’ Use

Do Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have ulterior motives for naming their daughter “Lilibet”? That’s what one tabloid would have you believe. 

This week’s edition of New Idea hears from “experts” on why exactly Meghan Markle and Prince Harry chose the name “Lilibet” for their daughter. “Lilibet” is indeed Queen Elizabeth’s nickname within the royal family, and their choice has sparked controversy over whether or not the queen was consulted before they made their decision. While some “palace sources” claim she wasn’t, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are adamant that she was.

But what was the couple’s true intention behind the choice? People have noted that Harry seemed to like the name Lili back in 2019. It seems plausible that his affinity for the nickname would have played into the couple’s decision. But a royal author tells the tabloid, “If I’m honest, I’m slightly shocked by Lilibet,” adding, “The name was very specific to the queen, and private.”

Another “royal expert” asks, “Why name a daughter after someone you have heavily criticised?” The source suggests, “One reason is that they want their daughter to be known as a royal and benefit from their links to the royal family. Lilibet will no doubt stand out from other children, and the name may be used to promote various commercial ideas her parents are keen on. They have already organised a domain in her name.”

So, is it true Harry and Markle chose the name “Lilibet” because of its marketability? It doesn’t seem likely. While controversy has surrounded the couple’s decision, the royal family has not expressed any disapproval of the name. It’s safe to say the royal family is happy to welcome baby Lili to the world and is not dwelling on the politics of her name. Despite the tabloid’s insistence, alleged “royal experts” do not have some magic insight into the lives of the royals.

And while the tabloid asserts the name “Lilibet” will set Harry and Markle’s baby apart, wouldn’t that be the case regardless of what name they chose? It seems silly to suggest they’d have to give their daughter a royal name just to associate her with the royal family. For better or worse, people will likely make that association no matter what her name is.

Furthermore, the purchase of a domain doesn’t necessarily mean they’re planning to do any marketing for their daughter. It’s possible the new parents are just thinking ahead and reserving their daughter’s name for future purposes, just as other parents might reserve a good email address for their children — at the very least, it was a smart move to take the domain before someone with bad intentions did so. It’s a bit soon to jump to any conclusions about the Sussexes’ plans for that domain.

This isn’t the first time New Idea has gotten it wrong about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This is the same tabloid that once alleged Jennifer Aniston was worried Meghan Markle was making a move on Brad Pitt.

The magazine also claimed the cops were called to Harry and Markle’s residence after an “explosive fight.” And more recently, the outlet reported Prince William was calling a “crisis meeting” to deal with “nightmare” Prince Harry. Obviously, New Idea is no authority on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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