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Meghan and Harry are Helping Netflix Fix The Crown’s ‘Credibility Issue’

Netflix, the global entertainment powerhouse, has significantly transformed the entertainment industry, offering a wide array of content to audiences worldwide. However, one of its most renowned series, “The Crown,” a historical drama chronicling Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, has encountered its fair share of scrutiny.

To address concerns about its credibility, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have played a crucial role in bolstering Netflix’s reputation in producing royal-themed content.

Their venture into the streaming world commenced in September 2020 when they signed an unprecedented five-year deal with Netflix, estimated at £82 million ($100 million). While their initial projects garnered mixed reviews, Netflix continued to leverage the couple’s immense popularity.

A report by GB News, Their six-part docuseries, “Harry & Meghan,” released in September 2022, became a sensation, setting a record as Netflix’s most-watched premiere, with an astonishing 28 million households tuning in, according to BARB data.

Despite some lukewarm responses to Harry’s documentary “Heart of Invictus,” an anonymous television producer emphasized the significance of the Sussexes’ association with Netflix. The producer explained that royal content holds great importance for Netflix, and Harry and Meghan’s involvement was almost inevitable. Additionally, the producer highlighted the “halo effect” that the royal couple brings to other Netflix productions, particularly “The Crown.”

“The Crown” has long been a flagship series for Netflix, offering a captivating historical portrayal of the British monarchy. The highly anticipated sixth season, set for release in November, is expected to delve into deeply personal and emotional aspects of the royal family, making it especially relevant for both Harry and his older brother, Prince William.

The upcoming season will partially focus on the tragic death of their mother, Princess Diana. A friend of Prince Charles expressed strong disapproval, describing the Prince of Wales as “totally sickened” by the decision to depict Diana as a ghost.

Actress Elizabeth Debicki will portray Diana in the series, and her character is anticipated to have an emotional reconciliation with Prince Charles and the late Queen.

Reports suggest that for Prince William, the portrayal of his mother in this manner is deeply hurtful. He is profoundly dismayed by what he perceives as the recurring exploitation of his mother’s memory in a manner he finds “tawdry.”

The pain of his mother’s untimely passing in a tragic car accident in 1997 continues to be a sensitive issue for both William and Harry.

In addition to the emotional strain arising from Diana’s portrayal in “The Crown,” Prince William is also disheartened by his brother and sister-in-law’s ongoing collaboration with Netflix. Their decision to partner with the streaming platform for various projects has strained the already complex relationship between the two brothers.

Prince Harry’s departure from the Royal Family resulted in a period of estrangement between the siblings, with Harry making controversial allegations against the institution and its members.

The Netflix agreement has been seen as a significant factor in deepening the divide between the two princes, with Prince William reportedly disappointed by his brother’s continued association with the streaming platform.

As Netflix continues to shape the entertainment landscape with its diverse content offerings, the involvement of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remains a topic of fascination and debate for audiences worldwide.

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