Meghan And Diana Both “Wanted Something From The Queen” But Couldn’t Achieve, Royal Expert Says

Meghan Markle and Princess Diana both “wanted something from the Queen” but “they didn’t get it,” royal author Matthew Dennison is claiming this week.

“The Queen doesn’t talk about her feelings and she doesn’t encourage others to talk about their feelings either,” Dennison told The Mirror. “Diana had meeting after meeting with the Queen, who ultimately felt it was the same conversation happening over and over again. Diana never forgot who her mother-in-law was and that provided a barrier that was not of the Queen’s making.”

“I don’t know if Meghan was overawed in that sense because Meghan was a grown woman with experience of life when she joined the royal family whereas Diana was a young girl,” he added. “But I think both women wanted something from the Queen that they didn’t get.”

Dennison went on to talk about the relationship the Queen has with her many children and grandchildren.

“The Queen’s relationship with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren seems to be unaffectedly happy,” he said. “They really do have great respect for her as the Queen and they know that she’s not necessarily the same as everyone else’s granny, but it seems a genuinely warm and affectionate relationship”,

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