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Lucy Letby’s Surprising Jail Gang with a Murdering Mum and Schoolgirl Killer

Former nurse Lucy Letby, who was part of a surprising “jail gang” alongside baby poisoner Michelle Smith and Shauna Hoare, serving time at HMP Bronzefield in Surrey, shared an unexpected bond. This unique friendship was marked by activities such as sunbathing, karaoke sessions, and movie nights within the prison walls.

According to an insider from the prison where they served time together, these three women were inseparable, spending their days in each other’s company. The source revealed, “They were together 24 hours a day – they were a well-known threesome and were literally never apart. They’d spend hours sitting on the wing landing playing board games, eating dinner together, and tanning in the courtyard.”

Their shared belief in their innocence likely played a significant role in strengthening their bond. The trio formed their friendship during their incarceration at HMP Bronzefield, creating a unique connection in a challenging environment. Initially, Letby was sent to the prison on remand ahead of her trial, which concluded in August, after which she was relocated to the north of England.

Michelle Smith, convicted in 2007 for administering adult-strength painkillers to her six-week-old daughter Amy, is serving a life sentence. Shauna Hoare, released last month, served an eight-year sentence for her involvement in the tragic death of Bristol teenager Becky Watts in 2015.

Commenting on their separation, another source remarked, “It’s a good job they’ve been separated. They are the last people you would want associating with each other.”

Lucy Letby, 33, is currently appealing her convictions for the murders of seven infants and the attempted murder of six others between 2015 and 2016. Following a 10-month trial at Manchester Crown Court, she received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. These crimes occurred while she worked as a neonatal nurse at the Countess of Chester Hospital. While the jury failed to reach a verdict on six counts of attempted murder, it was later announced that Letby would face a retrial concerning the near-fatal incident involving a seventh baby.

Despite the severity of her crimes, a source claims that Letby developed a positive rapport with staff at the high-security prison where she was held on remand. The source noted, “She became really chummy with one of the nurses who came round to give prisoners their daily medication. They’d talk at length about different pills and stuff – which we found very strange. And she was also allowed her laptop in her cell to work on her case.” After her trial, Letby, originally from Herefordshire, was transferred to HMP Low Newton in County Durham.

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