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Dramatic Jail Sentences for Duo’s Daring Fake Gun Ferrari Heist from Terrified Couple

In a startling case of attempted grand theft auto, two men were sentenced for their audacious attempt to steal a Ferrari from a Mansfield couple using a counterfeit firearm. The duo, Mohammed Ali, 39, and Muhamed Juwara, 20, were handed down prison terms of 18 years and nine years, respectively, for their crime that shook the local community.

Nottinghamshire Police described the incident as a harrowing experience for the victims. Ali and Juwara had deceitfully presented themselves as prospective buyers of the supercar, which they had seen advertised online. Their ruse led them to the owners’ home in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, near Mansfield, back in September 2022.

However, the situation rapidly deteriorated when Ali, instead of finalizing the purchase, threatened the owner with a gun and demanded he put on handcuffs. A physical altercation ensued, during which the owner’s partner valiantly fought back, using a vase to hit the assailants. The confrontation ended with Ali and Juwara fleeing the scene, not with the coveted Ferrari but with the woman’s phone, leaving behind handcuffs, duct tape, and ball bearings.

The police swiftly acted, arresting the duo within 48 hours following searches in the West Yorkshire area. Intriguingly, this wasn’t Ali’s first foray into such criminal endeavors. He had previously attempted a similar crime in Cheltenham in July 2022, where he tried to steal a Lamborghini. In that incident, he had tricked his way into the victim’s home, pulled out a firearm, and coerced the victim into transferring a large sum of money before kidnapping him.

During the investigation, a photo on Ali’s phone, showing the victim tied up, was discovered, adding to the damning evidence against him. He faced multiple charges, including robbery, kidnap, attempted robbery, and possession of an imitation firearm with criminal intent. Juwara, his accomplice, admitted to attempted robbery in court.

PC Hollie Fothergill of Nottinghamshire Police commented on the case, highlighting the traumatic experience endured by the victims. She noted that the duo had maliciously deceived the couple under the guise of buying the car, which they never intended to pay for, further intensifying the distress by using what appeared to be a real firearm.

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