Natalie Arthurs
Photo Credit Media Wales

Natalie’s New Battle with Life-Altering Scars and Anxiety Following a Harrowing Bar Attack

Natalie Arthurs’ life took an unexpected and violent turn when she encountered Emily Williams in a bar bathroom. The incident left her with profound physical and emotional scars, compelling her to leave her job and her position in the Army Reserves. Williams, 25, was sentenced to five years in prison for the attack, which the judge condemned as “wicked almost beyond belief.”

The assault occurred suddenly, with Williams smashing a glass and using it to slash Natalie’s face, resulting in severe injuries including nerve and gland damage, and the loss of the tip of her nose. Natalie, a 36-year-old mother, now faces a future filled with medical treatments and the constant reminder of the attack in the mirror.

Beyond the physical scars, Natalie grapples with overwhelming anxiety, panic attacks, and a changed perspective on life. The incident has made her wary of people and anxious about her safety, a stark contrast to her previously outgoing nature. The moment her daughter saw her injuries for the first time was particularly heartrending for Natalie.

Williams, who had no prior convictions and is the sole carer for two young children, continues to deny using a glass in the attack. However, the judge dismissed her account as fiction and imposed a restraining order to protect Natalie.

As Natalie adjusts to her new reality, she hopes to offer support to others who have experienced similar traumas, aiming to be a guiding light in their recovery.

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