Lockdown Activities for Kids to do at Home

Keeping children entertained, engaged and in touch with nature can be tricky at this time of year due to the cooler weather and shorter daylight hours. And, as we continue through another lockdown with kids at home once again, ideas and inspiration for keeping our kids’ minds active are more important than ever.

So, we’ve pulled together another list of fun and engaging activities for kids and families to do during lockdown, to lend you a helping hand if you’re running out of ideas. Just remember to stay safe and adhere to the social distancing rules.

  1. Make some winter tree art

For those chilly days when staying inside is the only option, this is a really simple craft that even the littlest of children can get involved with. Get a piece of paper and, using washi tape, simply create the shape of a winter tree. Chop up smaller pieces for the branches and use two full widths of the washi tape for the trunk.

Once you’ve created your tree outline, use purple, dark blue and light blue paints to cover the piece of paper and create a wintery effect. Then, peel back the tape and reveal your stunning winter tree image.

  1. Create a stick maze

There are plenty of sticks to be found on the ground when out on walks during the cooler months, so now is a great time to create your very own stick maze! Simply collect together a bundle of sticks, plan out how you’d like your maze to look on a piece of paper and then lay the sticks out on the ground to replicate this. Then it’s time to explore the maze – don’t get lost!

  1. Have a go at snowdrop quilling

Another craft perfect for those extra chilly days, as snowdrops begin to bloom why not have a go at making a beautiful snowdrop picture using the paper quilling technique? Paper quilling is a simple but stunning effect, created with strips of paper which are rolled, shaped and glued together to achieve the desired image.

Use 7mm strips of paper in green and white and roll and fold them together to create your snowdrop image. Use a big green piece for the stalk, medium green pieces for the leaves and smaller white pieces for the snowdrop flower head. You can build on the design and make it as simple or intricate as you like.

  1. Write a winter poem

Before we bid farewell to winter and say hello to spring, have a go at writing a poem all about winter. Use what you see outside on your daily walk as inspiration – you could write a poem about frost, chilly mornings or even a poem about a bare winter tree. Get creative and have fun – you could draw some pictures to go alongside your poem too.

  1. Try stargazing

This time of year is perfect for gazing at the beauty of the night sky, as it still gets dark fairly early. So, why not head out into the garden as a family and try your hand at stargazing?

Grab a blanket, bundle up, get some hot chocolates and see which constellations you can spot together. Some easy ones to look for are the Plough and Orion. For an extra challenge, see if you can find the North Star. Not got a garden? Try stargazing through your window or when you’re out on a walk instead.

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