Kylie Jenner looks like a mermaid washed ashore in this perfect dress

Another rainy day in the UK, another Kylie Jenner holiday snap making us long for a week at the beach. (Seriously, this close to setting a Google alert for the “green” countries travel list…) The 23-year-old shared a new ‘fit pic to Instagram, captioning it “back to vacation pics,” and it’s a reallly good one.

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Kylie’s wearing an incredible deconstructed knit mini dress, and it’s serving us shipwrecked, tanned Keira Knightly in Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s giving mermaid washed ashore. It’s saying Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon, and we’re just so very here for it in all its unravelled beachy glory.

The see-through body of the dress is woven in a thick cream thread, with irregular gaps and holes reminiscent of bleached coral. The angled straps sort of feel like a boat’s sails and ropes, and her clear lucite jewellery could almost be pretty sea glass.

The Kardashian-Jenners’ holiday wardrobes are cleverly echoing their surroundings more and more lately – remember when Kim wore that beautiful Namita Khade freshwater pearl dress? It felt like she could have blended right in with the palm fronds, and if you want to look expensive on holiday, matching your natural surroundings is a styling tip worth pocketing.

Here’s Kylie’s look:

She wore warm bronzed makeup with what looks like hazel coloured contact lenses, framed by two skinny braids. Her bum-length wavy hair just adds to the modern mermaid feeling, and honestly we’ve got to give this whole look an A+.

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