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Royal Correspondent Quashes Rumors of Rivalry Between King Charles and Meghan Markle’s New Venture

Despite rumors of competition between King Charles’ Highgrove brand and Meghan Markle’s new lifestyle venture, American Riviera Orchard, royal correspondent Jennie Bond has dismissed the notion as “below” the monarch.

Reports suggested a potential clash since both brands offer high-quality organic products like jams and honey. However, Bond told OK!, “I absolutely refuse to buy into suggestions of a petty rivalry between Meghan’s products and the release of new products from the Highgrove estate. Highgrove has been coming up with new products for years now.”

Bond further emphasized, “I really don’t think that Charles or his marketing people would sink so low as to try to deliberately compete with or scupper Meghan and her team. Why would Charles want to make things worse than they already are? So I think it’s a load of old nonsense and would be beneath him.”

This assertion follows comments from celebrity publicist Waylon Tate, who suggested Meghan’s brand is a statement of her independence. “What I’ve seen so far, although she’s been pretty clandestine about it, everything surrounding this new brand, is that it’s Meghan and it’s Meghan alone. You can even see it on Instagram. It’s not Meghan and Harry – it’s by Meghan,” Tate said.

Tate added, “This is the emancipation of Meghan. It’s her saying, ‘I’m a smart, savvy businesswoman. And here’s an introduction to my family on my terms.’” King Charles’ Highgrove brand, known for its long-standing reputation of producing quality organic products, continues to thrive without any intention of competing with Meghan’s new venture. As Bond aptly put it, the idea of the monarch engaging in such rivalry is unfounded and beneath his dignity.

Meghan’s American Riviera Orchard marks a significant step in her journey, highlighting her entrepreneurial spirit and desire to establish her brand independently. Her focus on creating a unique identity in the market demonstrates her commitment to personal and professional growth.

While the public may be intrigued by the dynamics between the two brands, it’s clear from expert insights that King Charles and Meghan Markle are each forging their paths without intersecting conflicts. As both continue to develop their respective brands, their shared emphasis on quality and sustainability stands out, offering consumers a variety of high-quality organic options.

The narratives of competition may make for enticing headlines, but the reality, as outlined by Bond and Tate, paints a picture of mutual respect and separate ambitions within the broader royal and commercial landscapes.

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