Susanna Reid Pauses Good Morning Britain to Announce Temporary Departure: ‘I’ve Got to Say Bye’

Good Morning Britain presenter Ed Balls recently shared an emotional moment with Pop Idol star Gareth Gates as they discussed their shared experiences of living with a stammer. The heartfelt interview, which aired on Tuesday (July 9), deeply moved viewers and highlighted the personal challenges both men have faced.

In a flashback segment, Ed Balls was seen with tears in his eyes as he spoke with Gareth Gates about their “struggles” with stammering. The two men embraced on live television, creating a poignant moment that left co-host Susanna Reid visibly moved and proud.

“You inspired me. I thought, ‘If Gareth Gates can do this, I can too. And if he can be public, I can be public too. It was really hard, but I did it because you showed me how to do it,” Ed said in the flashback segment, told Daily Record.

“Thank you for saying that, it means a lot. God bless you, man,” Gareth replied, visibly touched. With tears in his eyes, Ed could only nod as Susanna began speaking, her voice filled with compassion. She placed a comforting hand on Ed’s shoulder and suggested, “Aww! I feel like… can we have a hug?”

Susanna reassured both men, saying, “Nothing to be ashamed of. It’s to be proud of – it’s part of your identity, isn’t it? [Gareth] broke the ground for you, didn’t he, Ed? There we go, Gareth, that’s what you did.” Gareth, also emotional, told Ed, “You’re a role model for me now! For you to be doing this is really incredible.”

Although the original segment aired in November 2023, Gareth returned to the program this week to discuss his stammer with Ed. During their conversation, Ed revealed, “I had a call a few weeks ago from the newly elected mayor of North Yorkshire, David Skaith, who’s had a stammer all his life.

“His stammer came out during his first interview, and I said to him, ‘Look at Gareth, you’ve got to talk about it.’ He’s in Downing Street this morning with a stammer, and he is going to be another role model for young people.

“You can become an elected mayor with a stammer. You can be a Pop Idol winner or the winner of Celebrity SAS. All of these things are possible with a stammer!” Ed concluded, as Gareth added, “You can also present every morning live on television, Ed, and I applaud you too!”

Ed admitted that he relies on the autocue to help manage his stammer, sharing that he’s “almost always” okay. This touching segment not only highlighted the struggles and achievements of Ed and Gareth but also served as an inspiration to many who face similar challenges.

In related news, Susanna Reid has announced a temporary break from Good Morning Britain. The 53-year-old presenter informed fans that she will be away from the program until September, though she might make occasional appearances. During Wednesday’s (July 10) episode, she reassured Ed Balls and viewers that the show would be in the “capable hands” of the GMB team, including Charlotte Hawkins.

Susanna said, “I’m going to say goodbye because it’s now time for me to go off on a break, which means I say goodbye to you at home. You never know, I might pop up in the meantime, but otherwise, I will be back in September!” Ed responded with a plea for her to stay, but Susanna signed off with good wishes for the England football team in their upcoming Euro 2024 semi-final clash against the Netherlands.

The episode also featured a lighthearted segment where Charlotte Hawkins reported on a group of mystic meerkats predicting an England victory. Despite the unusual prediction method, Susanna and Ed took it in stride, providing a moment of levity amidst the emotional show.

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