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King Charles Revokes Meghan’s Title Following Harry’s $10M Inheritance After Divorce

In the wake of Prince Harry’s divorce, King Charles has reportedly excluded Meghan Markle’s title from the $10 million inheritance originally gifted to Harry by Queen Elizabeth II.

This action is widely interpreted as King Charles’ effort to emphasize Meghan’s dissociation from the royal family, especially given the controversies surrounding her since her wedding to Prince Harry.

Prince Harry received the inheritance on his 30th birthday in 2018, earmarked to facilitate the establishment of their household and finance their ventures.

Yet, the duo’s 2020 decision to step down from royal responsibilities dramatically altered their fiscal standing. The couple relinquished their royal entitlements, including public funding and their titles.

Now, they are financially independent, with the inheritance serving as a notable portion of their wealth. King Charles’ decision to detach Meghan’s title from the inheritance underscores her exit from the royal lineage.

Many perceive this move as the monarchy’s response to the public’s split opinion on Meghan since her nuptials with Harry.

Reactions to the move are anticipated to be polarized, with some viewing it as justifiable, while others might consider it spiteful. It remains to be seen how the couple will address this development.

While the inheritance remains a gift from Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles’ gesture underscores the evolving dynamics between the Sussexes and the royal establishment.

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