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Sussex’s Ex-Chief Of Staff Recalled Working Relationship With Couple as ‘Incredible Experience’

Sussex’s ex-chief of staff, Catherine St-Laurent, has opened up about her silence over her working relationship with the royal couple. Despite the mistreatment claims in contradiction of the Duchess of Sussex, the communications adviser supposed she had an “incredible experience.”

In an interview with The Cut, St-Laurent, the 40-year-old character remembered the time she served for the Sussexes warmly. Meanwhile, she had expended with them, she saw their ability to be “influential.” Also added it was an incredible experience to work with two “incredibly talented and creative leaders” – referring to Sussexes.

“I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to do that, to be able to be with them on their journey,” she said. Every time she used up with them sensed “fulfilling.” Away from employed as their chief of staff, St-Laurent also became the senior adviser to their Archewell Foundation. “I think they have the potential to be very influential leaders in the social impact space,” she said.

She said she wants to be a part of Harry and Meghan’s group. In a LinkedIn account statement, St-Laurence publicized her shift from being a chief of staff to senior adviser. She also called it a privilege to work closely with Harry and Maghen and aided create the Archewell Foundation in its first year.

“Their commitment to compassion and well-being has been the undercurrent of all our activities both within the organization as well as with impactful projects of the foundation on the ground,” she added. “I am deeply proud of what we’ve accomplished together and I’m honored to remain on as an adviser.”

St-Laurent’s interview arose after the news appeared that Markle bullied some palace staff while being a senior royal at her former office in Kensington Palace. The suspected palace staff moans escaped to the British press and made several claims against the prince’s wife.

A few claims made against Meghan were that she lost her mind over a slight violation and made weird demands at the wedding in 2018. Though her team passionately starved of the claims and requested some evidence to show if it were correct, The Daily Mail noted.

Markle and her legal experts consider it a new attack on her character. Sussex’s representative told Fox that she has experienced being the target of bullying, so she is intensely dedicated to giving her provision to those who have practiced the same trauma and pain.

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