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King Charles’s New Physician, Dr. Michael Dixon, Sparks Debate Over Alternative Medicine in Royal Healthcare

Dr. Michael Dixon, recently appointed as the Physician to the King, is known for his support of homeopathy and other alternative medicine forms. He serves as the chair of The College of Medicine and Integrated Health, promoting complementary and alternative medicine within the UK’s healthcare system, as reported by Express.

Homeopathy, a contentious practice that Dixon advocates, is based on the premise that highly diluted substances can stimulate the body’s natural healing responses. Despite this claim, there’s a lack of scientific evidence supporting homeopathy’s effectiveness, leading many experts to categorize it as pseudoscience and a placebo.

Having been King Charles’ doctor for twenty years, Dr. Dixon endorses various alternative therapies, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and mindfulness, for treating conditions like chronic pain, arthritis, depression, and even cancer.

Among the remedies Dixon supports is devil’s claw, an African plant traditionally used for inflammation, pain, and digestive issues. While it contains harpagoside, thought to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, the evidence regarding devil’s claw’s effectiveness and safety remains limited and inconsistent. It also poses risks of side effects and interactions with other medications.

Many medical professionals and organizations have criticized Dr. Dixon for promoting unproven and potentially dangerous treatments. They question his qualifications and the impact of his practices on both the King’s health and national healthcare. Nonetheless, Dr. Dixon defends his approach, emphasizing integration of various health and healing methods, and respecting the King’s health preferences.

Dr. Dixon’s appointment as the King’s physician reflects King Charles’ long-standing interest in alternative medicine. Charles has been a supporter and patron of several unproven or disproven alternative health modalities, including homeopathy, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. He has faced criticism for using his royal influence to promote these personal beliefs and potentially undermining scientific evidence and trust in the medical profession.

The controversy surrounding alternative medicine’s role in the UK’s health system and society is likely to persist, with the King and his physician at the center of this ongoing debate.

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