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Princess Kate and Prince William Show ‘No Deep Desire’ for Reconciliation with Harry and Meghan

An expert in the royal domain has asserted that Princess Kate and Prince William are not actively seeking to mend their relationship with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Prince William and Princess Kate are currently harboring “no deep desire” to initiate reconciliation or rebuild bridges with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, according to statements made by a royal expert.

Tensions between the royal siblings have remained palpable ever since the Sussexes stepped down from their roles as working members of the royal family in 2020. Recent developments, including their Netflix documentary and Prince Harry’s forthcoming memoir “Spare,” have only added fuel to the ongoing discord.

Prince Harry’s memoir, in particular, has unveiled private details concerning his relationship with Prince William. These revelations include allegations of a physical altercation between the two brothers and suggestions that William was less than welcoming to Meghan.

Royal author Dr. Ed Owens offered insights into the persisting rift between the two families, suggesting that a resolution remains distant. Dr. Owens conveyed to GB News, “It’ll be really difficult. I don’t think there’s any way for that direct way forward at the moment.”

He continued, emphasizing the need for mutual understanding and a shared desire to find common ground in conflict resolution. Unfortunately, Dr. Owens did not observe a strong inclination on either side to foster such reconciliation at present.

However, he did leave room for the possibility of reconciliation in the future, citing the history of the once-close bond between William and Harry. He stated, “Time is often the healer, and in terms of their finding common ground, it’s something that might happen further down the line.”

Nevertheless, he noted the absence of a significant desire on both sides to seek common ground or a willingness to understand each other, which currently hinders the prospects of a successful resolution.

Dr. Owens suggested that employing a mediator could be a constructive step in addressing their issues, although he recognized that such discussions would need to occur privately.

There had been prior speculation that Kate could play a peacemaking role between the brothers, given her past friendship with Harry and her efforts to facilitate communication between him and William after Prince Philip’s funeral. However, with the release of “Spare,” it appears that she has taken a step back, mirroring William’s approach by minimizing contact with Harry.

Royal expert Nick Bullen, the founder of True Royalty, commented, “After Harry said so much about Kate in ‘Spare,’ and about Camilla, the extended family – his stepmother, his sister-in-law – none of them really feel the need to follow up with a conversation.”

Additionally, royal author Valentine Low suggested that the Princess of Wales likely felt “quite bruised” after Harry publicly discussed her in his book, painting a picture of their relationship that differed from their previously close bond.

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