Justin Bieber with wife Haley

Justin Bieber Wants Hailey Baldwin to ‘Stay Home and Have Babies’?

According to one tabloid early this year that Bieber was trying to use his religion to make his wife “stay home and have babies.” In February, Star cited the pop singer as obtaining a little too faithful to his religion, using his beliefs to control his wife.

“Justin believes in Hillsong’s antifeminist doctrine that women belong in a separate group and should have babies, stay home and let the man be in charge,”

The outlet alleges those dreams of Baldwin have been put on hold since becoming a wife. Also, the source tells that Baldwin is “telling friends she can’t wait to be a mom and have babies.

She and Justin both say they’re content and wouldn’t have it any other way but it’s like going back to the Dark Ages!” Justin Bieber has publicly declared that he is not a part of Hillsong whatsoever.

According to The Ellen Show, Hailey Baldwin got upset with her husband for exposing her on that she was not ready to have children. But the statements on Ellen were not by keeping the fight.

In the meantime, Bieber did reveal his desire to have children and mentioned Baldwin’s delay to have them right now. To imitate that opinion, Baldwin told Vogue Arabia the same thing, speaking, “I love kids and I can’t wait to have my own. I would say that now, that’s a closer reality, but not anytime soon.”

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