Jigsaw womenswear store
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Jigsaw Reports Surging Profits and Readies for Aggressive Expansion Nationwide

Mountain Berg, the holding company of the popular womenswear brand Jigsaw, has recently announced a significant increase in both sales and profits, marking a remarkable recovery in the wake of the pandemic. The resurgence in demand for party dresses has played a key role in this financial upswing.

The latest financial data reveals that Jigsaw’s sales surged to 56.8 million pounds for the year ending in January, a substantial rise from the 47.7 million pounds reported in the previous year. This increase coincides with the easing of lockdown restrictions that had previously hampered retail operations.

Furthermore, profits have impressively climbed to 1.9 million pounds, showing a 700,000 pound increase from the last fiscal year, as reported by This is Money. This growth signifies a notable turnaround for Jigsaw, which had faced considerable challenges due to pandemic-induced store closures and a slump in sales of party wear.

Before the pandemic, Jigsaw was contending with stiff competition in the women’s mid-market fashion segment. However, the brand’s recent strategies indicate a positive shift in its market positioning. This is Money highlights that Jigsaw has significantly enhanced its online presence and forged strategic partnerships with major retailers like Next. Additionally, the company is planning an ambitious expansion, which includes the opening of new stores across the country, signaling confidence in its future growth and market relevance.

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