Prince Harry ‘pushed’ Meghan from Kate, William in poignant move

The ‘Fab Four’ reunion at Windsor Castle featured Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan, and Kate, marking their first public appearance together after reported disagreements. Their collective presence at the procession in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth II was heartrending. However, video footage hints at potential unease among the group.

Body language analyst Jesús Enrique Rosas scrutinized the footage. While the quartet can be seen gratefully acknowledging the public, Rosas observed Prince Harry seemingly steering his wife away from Prince William and Kate.

After paying their respects to the late Queen, the four were returning to their vehicle. This gathering was seen by many as an attempt by Prince William to extend a reconciliatory gesture to Meghan and Harry. Yet, certain captured moments suggest lingering tension.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Royal Rogue, Jesús highlighted that Prince Harry appeared to direct Meghan away from William and Kate. According to The Express, Rosas called this one of the most telling displays of body language he’s ever analyzed.

As they prepared to depart, Harry was seen assisting Meghan towards their car. However, there was confusion regarding seating, leading Harry to guide Meghan to the right side, where Kate was seated. At this point, Harry gently moved his wife, resulting in an evidently awkward moment passing Prince William.

Jesús remarked on Catherine’s composed demeanor, noting her upright posture and relaxed hands. On the contrary, he mentioned that Meghan seemed apprehensive and at one moment even had her hand momentarily on her chest.

Rosas added, “Kate’s raised chin, which isn’t a usual characteristic of her walk, conveyed authority. Despite the potential strain of the situation, William and Kate’s conduct was emblematic of grace and emotional intelligence.”

In his analysis, Rosas also examined Prince William engaging with the crowd, noting the contrasting responses of Meghan and Kate. While William and Kate appeared more interactive, Meghan’s acknowledgment was subtler.

Finally, reflecting on photos from the event, Rosas commented on the visible tension in Meghan’s posture, contrasting it with Kate’s. He opined, “Catherine seemed aware of her significant role, transcending personal sentiments.”

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