Prince Charles and Prince Harry

Harry blasted for relying on Charles for money: ‘He’s worth nearly £10million!’

Prince Harry has left royal experts fuming over his sense of entitlement. The Duke of Sussex has been slammed for complaining about his supposed financial issues. 

According to expert Robert Taylor, Harry should be ashamed for relying on his father for money.

“Is there anything more unseemly than rich people complaining about money? he asked, “By any normal standards, Harry and Meghan are super-wealthy,” Taylor wrote in Telegraph

“They have an estimated joint worth of nearly £10million, and live in a luxury pad in California overlooking the Pacific. They mix with millionaires and billionaires.

“Yet Harry saw fit to moan, in that blockbuster interview with Oprah, that his father had ‘literally’ cut him off.”

Adding that Harry is 36 now and should feel ashamed for asking Charles for finances, Taylor penned, “There comes a time – and it shouldn’t take until 36 – when you need to buy your own dinner.”

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