After Quitting ‘Ellen Show’, Is Ellen DeGeneres Going Back to Standup Comedy?

Ellen DeGeneres is returning to standup comedy next year.

As per Star, Ellen DeGeneres has no strategies to rest from showbusiness conflicting with what her opponents have been saying.

As a substitute, after Ellen Show wraps up after the next season, she will emphasize making people fun by doing standup comedy.

“She’s determined to make a comeback and redeem herself. The idea of beginning fresh is very exciting to her. She wants to get back to her roots and do more standup and perhaps a streaming special or a podcast,” the source said.

The insider also asks that DeGeneres trusts she had a good track on Ellen Show. Even supposing her final years were full of disapprovals and reactions.

Intrinsically, the comedian, allegedly, desires all her followers to tell them that she will be back.

DeGeneres didn’t discuss her plans after she leaves Ellen Show. So, a tabloid cannot know the details.

Judging by the information, the tabloid is fabricating stories about the comedian woman.

In the interim, Portia de Rossi’s wife also got highlighted lately after Rosie O’Donnell considered in on last year’s controversy linking the host.

Amidst in The Jess Cagle Show interview, O’Donnell was enquired if being called “Queen of Nice” had an undesirable result on her career. After all, Ellen DeGeneres thought that being given the same tag had some disadvantages.

“Not in the way that Ellen’s talking about, I think, but, you know, I said the day it came out, look at this the ‘Queen of Nice’ and a couple of years, it’s going to be the queen of lice, the queen of fried rice, you know, the queen of, we don’t like her anymore. I have an understanding of the cycle of show business and kind of what happens in people’s careers and when enough is enough. And oftentimes, people don’t know that, you know, I think I have a, a good balance of both in my life of the importance of, you know, of both. And it’s hard to maintain,” she explained.

The micky wrote, “O’Donnell also said that she doesn’t agree that it was the label that got to Ellen DeGeneres in the end. Rather, it was a combination of a lot of things.”

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