Donnie Wahlberg Talks Wife Jenny McCarthy Not Recognizing Him on ‘The Masked Singer’

If you had no idea who was under the Cluedle Doo mask — the celebrity giving clues about the contestants throughout The Masked Singer Season 5 — don’t feel too bad: His wife didn’t guess right, either.

The semifinals not only sent home another celebrity (Omarion’s Yeti), it also revealed that singer and actor Donnie Wahlberg has been the one lurking backstage as Cluedle Doo all season…and his wife, panelist Jenny McCarthy was shocked. (She guessed Akon.)

In the post-unmasking interview, Wahlberg wondered if his costume played a role in confusing her. “The talons and the claws really impaired my dancing and you know my moves,” he pointed out to her. “She knows how I move my hips and everything I do, and it actually probably helped disguise my moves and gesticulations that you might have picked up on had I not been in the costume.”

“Maybe she was told she couldn’t guess her hubby any more since she’d already guessed me 112 times per season for four years,” he then wrote on Twitter following the episode.

As for why Wahlberg joined The Masked Singer for Season 5, he gave two reasons: to see his wife and for the New Kids on the Block fans.

“I’m supposed to have golden ears and I didn’t recognize my husband’s voice,” McCarthy lamented after the unmasking. (She won the Golden Ear trophy in Season 4 for having the most correct first impression guesses out of all the panelists.)

Watch his unmasking and performance of “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison below.

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