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Coronation Street’s Cait Fitton: ‘I Had to Hide in Car Boots’ – Inside Her Secret Return as Lauren Bolton

Fans of “Coronation Street” have been anxiously awaiting the return of Lauren Bolton, the former sex worker portrayed by Cait Fitton, who vanished from the cobbles earlier this year. In a dramatic twist, Cait Fitton’s return to the beloved soap was kept under wraps with elaborate measures, ensuring her comeback would shock and delight viewers.

Tonight, viewers were finally treated to the revelation of Lauren’s fate. She reappeared at Roy Cropper’s bedside, as his life hung in the balance following a heart attack. It was unveiled that Lauren’s disappearance was orchestrated by Joel (Calum Lill), whose abusive behavior led to her fleeing.

Cait Fitton, 22, shared the extreme lengths she went to keep her return a secret. “I had to sneak in and out of the building, getting lifts from Calum but having to get in the boot to make sure I wasn’t being seen,” she laughed. “People would be at the front getting selfies, I’d be in the boot still. It was like a massive game of Twister in that boot; it was tiny.”

The secrecy didn’t stop there. Cait recounted instances where she had to hide on the floor of a taxi, prompting curious looks from drivers. “There were times when I had to get on the floor in a taxi, the driver was wondering what’s going on – and I’d just shout, go, go, go! It was mad. Fun but mental.”

Lauren’s sudden disappearance in March left fans worried for her safety. Roy Cropper (David Neilson) was even accused of her murder and spent time in jail. Despite being cleared, the stress took a toll on him, culminating in a heart attack after an altercation with a gang of yobs. Last night’s episode revealed Lauren as the mysterious figure by his side, bringing relief and excitement to fans.

Cait expressed her delight at the secret finally being out. “I knew from very early on I was coming back, which is such a fortunate position to be in this industry,” she said. To throw fans off, Cait even altered her Instagram bio to say ‘used to play Lauren,’ leading many to believe she had left the show for good.

The storyline, centering on Lauren’s tumultuous relationship with the controlling solicitor Joel, has captivated audiences. Cait revealed how she collaborated with the Maggie Oliver charity, meeting women who had experienced similar traumas. “It was awful to hear what they’d been through,” she said. “The women were so inspiring. Even though they’d been through all this trauma, they turn pain into power.”

Joining “Coronation Street” in 2022, Cait’s character Lauren was initially meant to be a short-term role. Now, she is at the heart of one of the soap’s most gripping storylines. In the coming days, viewers will learn more about Lauren’s harrowing experiences and what drove her away.

Cait hopes her portrayal will resonate with viewers and encourage those in similar situations to seek help. “Corrie is a big platform. From this storyline, if I can make just one person speak up, I’ve done my job.”

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