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Britney Spears says she felt ‘nothing’ after receiving coronavirus vaccine

Britney Spears announced on social media that she has received her Covid-19 vaccination and says it wasn’t as bad as people on the internet had been making out

Britney Spears revealed on Thursday night that she has received her first Covid-19 vaccination.

The singer, 39 posted a video to her social media pages alongside partner Sam Asghari revealing she is “fine” following the injection.

In the brief video, the Toxic singer said: “The people on the internet said it was really, really bad – it was like a bullet going through your arm.

“It was nothing! I felt nothing. I’m fine, and I hope I continue to stay fine.”

The duo then playfully high-fived each other.

Britney captioned the video: “Got the COVID vaccine …. Great success …. High-five!!!!!!,” and actor Sam replied jokingly saying: “As @sachabaroncohen saids great success.”

The singer is the latest in a long line of celebrities posting to their social media accounts about getting the vaccine.

It comes after fans of the star feared she was sending a cryptic plea for help in a new online video.

Earlier in the day Britney shared a video on her social media pages which showed her going through a number of outfit changes but fans were quick to show concern for her wellbeing.

She captioned the video: “I found my catsuit… No luck finding my mask but at least I found my body!!!!

“Stay joyful my friends and do what makes you happy!!!!”

It prompted her followers to query whether it meant she was being locked in her house against her will.

One fan shared their theory and wrote: “Guys, ‘no luck finding my mask’ meaning she doesn’t go outside so there’s no need for a mask, that’s why it’s hard for her to find it.. Omg.. FREE U.”

The on-going speculation about Britney’s wellbeing comes after the New York Times released the documentary titled Framing Britney Spears about her controversial conservatorship set up by her dad, Jamie Spears.

Last month Britney took to social media to say she cried for two weeks following the release of the documentary but once again fans were quick to question whether the comments actually came from the singer.

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