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British Woman to Face Death Penalty in India for Drugging and Murdering Husband with Lover’s Help

In a shocking and tragic incident dating back to September 2016, Ramandeep Kaur Mann, aged 38, drugged her husband, Sukhjit Singh, with sleeping pills hidden in his favorite dish, biryani, during a holiday in Delhi, India.

She then mercilessly slit his throat, resulting in his fatal bleeding in his mother’s residence. The gruesome crime took place while the couple’s nine-year-old son was present and became a witness to the horrific act, later testifying against his own mother in court.

According to reports by Mirror, This gruesome murder is believed to be a product of a love triangle, where Mann conspired with her lover, Gurpreet Singh, to execute the chilling crime with the intent of claiming Mr. Singh’s £2 million life insurance policy.

Government lawyer Shree Pal Verma provided insight into the proceedings, stating, “[Their son] told the court how his mother and Gurpreet killed his father in his sleep in their house. During the investigation, it came to light that the woman was in a relationship with Gurpreet, and they had planned to murder Sukhjit.”

Further details emerged during the court proceedings, revealing that Gurpreet had struck Mr. Singh on the head with a hammer, while Mann carried out the gruesome act of slitting her husband’s throat.

Mr. Singh, a former employee of Argos, had crossed paths with Gurpreet, a delivery driver before these tragic events unfolded. The sentencing brought some relief to Mr. Singh’s grieving mother, who had witnessed her son’s life cut short in such a horrific manner.

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