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“I’m a mum-of-19 at 39 expecting my 20th child” Mother of 19 Children, Each with a Different Father, Shares Her Remarkable Story

Martha, a 39-year-old woman, has recently revealed that she is a mother to 19 children, each of whom has a different father. In a surprising turn of events, she is currently pregnant with her 20th child and has expressed her eagerness to continue expanding her family. What sets her situation apart is that, unlike her existing brood, she is unaware of the father of her upcoming newborn.

Among Martha’s 19 children, 17 have yet to reach the age of 18, and she has made it clear that she plans to keep having more children until her body can no longer bear the biological toll. She views her remarkable family as a “profitable business.”

Martha explains her perspective, stating, “I see this, being a mum, like a business, practically.” She believes in continuing to have children until her body reaches its limits, emphasizing that her current children will eventually leave home as they grow up, reported The Sun.

Credit: Jam Press

Addressing the absent fathers of her other children, Martha accuses them of being “irresponsible.” However, she highlights that she receives financial support from the government for each child, which serves as a motivating factor for her to continue expanding her family.

“The truth is, as the government helps me for each child, I receive a little money for each one,” she explains. Martha receives approximately £60 for her eldest children and around £24 for the youngest ones. This financial assistance from the Colombian state amounts to approximately £401 per month.

In addition to government support, Martha receives help from her local church and caring neighbors, all of whom contribute to her unique journey of motherhood. However, managing a household with 19 children in a three-bedroom flat presents its challenges. Martha reveals that her eldest child often sleeps on the sofa to accommodate the younger ones, and providing adequate meals for everyone on a limited budget can be a struggle.

Despite the challenges, Martha remains resolute in her desire to have more children until it becomes physically impossible for her to do so, as she views it as a profitable endeavor. Her story sheds light on the complexities and motivations that can underlie family dynamics and decisions.

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