Blue Ivy Did Her Grandma Tina Knowles Makeup Perfectly Again

What can’t Blue Ivy do? She manages an international superstar by the name of Beyoncé, knows how to bust a move or two on stage, and can give you a brief public health lesson about handwashing — and she does it all at just nine years old. Now, the youngin’ is showing off her makeup skills with her Grandma Tina.

The young Mlle. Carter gave her grandmother a full glam beat complete with a bold red lip and a cat eye drawn to perfection. Tina enthusiastically shared a selfie of the look, praising her young granddaughter’s obvious skill. “My talented granddaughter Blue made up my face today. She is only 9 years old can you imagine her at 15 doing my makeup? She Beat My Face ❤️,” the caption reads. “Gonna save me a lot of money on make up artist fees 😂❤️.”

Blue Ivy made sure to go all out with this look. Tina’s base is blended perfectly and a wash of red blush sits on her cheeks for that “naturally flushed” look. Her brows are arched with precision. We’re pretty amazed at how well Blue drew on the cat eye — it’s practically the perfect length and thickness for Tina’s face. To finish the look, the young makeup artist added a fiery red lip that has just the right amount of sheen.

This isn’t the first time she’s done her grandma’s makeup and surely not the last if Tina can help it. During the spooky season, Blue Ivy turned Tina into a walking skeleton. We can only imagine how amazing her skills will be five years or even one year for now. Maybe next time Blue and Tina can collaborate to bring their fans a beauty tutorial. We will surely be tuned in.

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