John Legend Is Breaking Up With Chrissy Teigen After ‘Shock Scandal’?

Gossip Cop inspects are Chrissy Teigen and John Legend breaking up? One report says a “$194 million fortune” is at stake.  Teigen is still facing consequences after some old tweets and messages bullying reality star Courtney Stodden. Teigen’s gone some talk show presences and has kept a low profile amid the scandal.

As per Woman’s Day, the dishonor has caused John Legend to run for the hills. A source claims, “This is not the woman he fell in love with and married,” and he’s appalled by his wife’s actions. Legend’s friends who’ve always disliked Teigen are now urging him to leave her.

Legend is feeling sorry for the wife, who’s lost supports and television presence, but a source adds, “He’s also so disappointed. He’s never seen this side of her in their seven years together.” An insider concludes, “Friends are already whispering that this could be the end of their fairytale marriage.”

This entire story is creepily parallel to a National Enquirer story. Legend and Teigen were on the ropes over the oppression charges. It’s common for tabloids to share stories to sound firmer, a few weeks ago, the notorious tabloid claimed.

Real friends did speak about this. The tabloid says stars like Rihanna and Meghan Markle are intentionally keeping their distance from Teigen, which suggests that they’re also talking to this tabloid. There’s no way any of these folks, even if they detest Teigen for what she’s done, would ever voice their frustrations to a magazine like Woman’s Day.

The legend appears to have more than just this scandal relationship, so we highly doubt that he’d break up his whole family over some old horrible message from before they were an item. This week, Teigen looked on Legend’s Instagram, so it looks like the marriage will endure.

This tabloid loves to fabricate stories about high-profile divorces, but breakups never seem to happen. Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, Ashton Kutcher and MilaKunis, and George and Amal Clooney have all been subjected to a baseless Woman’s Day divorce rumor. Teigen and Legend also share company with Prince Harry and Markle, as well as Danny Moder and Julia Roberts.

The wrote, “just because Teigen and Legend are keeping a low profile does not mean they’re about to break up. This story lacks any credible evidence.

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