“No One In Our Family Has an Office” Seemed that President Biden Taking Aim at Trump Children’s White House Roles

According to the polinews having said that, President Joe Biden is 100 percent different than his forerunner in every way and it’s a breath of fresh air that this nation despairingly wanted after four years of polluted crap that nearly choked us all to death.

But in reality, is that truth that Does President Biden care? Does he care about Americans? Does he care about our health and well-being? He wants us to be healthy and happy and safe. He wants to see us not only lasting but rising.

But yes, as kind and good-hearted as President Biden truly is, he also isn’t about to take any shit.  Contemplating Donald Trump and his kids were the royalty of nepotism, with Donnie offering up whatever job he could think of to his bratty.

Having said that President Biden lately sat down for an interview with People magazine and didn’t waste any time in pointing out one special interval between his presidency and his predecessor’s and it has a whole lot to do with their children.

During Trump’s presidency, reports were bombarded regarding his children in high-power positions thanks to a bunch of security clearances they weren’t even supposed to have. So, it’s certainly nice to know that Biden is making it clear as crystal right off the bat that it’s not okay and it won’t be seen out of his presidential reign.

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