8 Reasons You Don’t Have the Body You Want

Are you tired of wondering why exactly you can’t get into shape, like all your other friends? Do you feel you are trying really hard, but are still not getting anywhere? Well, there is a possibility that something, somewhere is going wrong. You are either not doing the right things to get the body you want, or you are not doing it enough.

Here are some quick and easy pointers to understand why you haven’t managed to get the body you’ve been craving for.

1. You are not doing anything

You keep on talking all the time about losing weight and having a great figure. But are you doing anything to achieve your goals apart from just talking? Maybe you spend your time daydreaming, instead of doing something substantial to reduce weight. Stop talking, get out of your lazy zone, and start that exercise routine!

2. You’re not doing enough

Now, you may be thinking that the first point was not for you. You are exercising and are trying to control your diet to reduce weight. But you still don’t see any change. Why? That maybe because you aren’t doing these things enough, to bring about substantial changes to your body. You need to increase your efforts, and step out of your comfort zone, to really to do something about your body.

3. You are not doing the right things

Okay, so you are putting in all your efforts to reduce weight. Still, something isn’t working right. What could it be? Maybe, you are going wrong with your technique. You might be cutting down on food, but are you cutting down on the wrong foods and eating the right ones? You are exercising everyday. But are you exercising with the right technique? Maybe, you need specialists to guide you with where you are going wrong. Lack of information can ruin your efforts, so it is best to take help from someone more knowledgeable than you, who will tell you what to do when, and how.

4. You don’t have a strategy or a goal

To achieve anything, you need to be focused on it as a goal. Then, you need to work on a strategy to achieve that goal. Your efforts will be useless if you don’t approach your goals in a systematic and progressive manner. Make weekly goals, in terms of exercising and eating, and achieve them. Then set newer objectives, and keep moving on like that, till you achieve your end goal.

5. You don’t challenge yourself

Once your weekly goals are being fulfilled, you feel really proud of yourself, and keep continuing the same way. Let’s face it – that is absolutely wrong! You can only reduce weight when you challenge your body from time to time, to do more than what it had been doing so far. So increase the levels on the exercise machines in the gym, and work harder. Make your body sweat more.

6. You give up every now and then

You are in the core of a decent exercise pattern and diet, and you suddenly leave it in the middle because you got bored of it. Few months later, you start again. Well, if you keep on doing this, then there is no way that you will see any progress. You need to be persistent in your efforts, if you want to see any real change in your body. You can neither lose hope, nor lose interest, if you want to get the kind of body you’ve been craving for.

7. You cheat

So your dietitians and your trainers are working hard towards making your body a good one. But everyday, you are either cheating on dieting or on exercising, because of some reason or the other. Well, that way, you will only see your weight going up, not coming down. The more you cheat on your diet and exercise, the longer it will take to shed off those extra pounds from your body.

8. You don’t believe in yourself

One of the possible reasons why you are not able to achieve your goal is because you feel you can’t do it. You can’t afford to think like that. Losing weight is not an impossible goal, and anybody can do it. You just need to believe in yourself and see how much you will enjoy being healthy, and you’ll be able to do it within no time!

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