5 Hair Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Hair is one of the things you will miss most along with health, wealth and youth when you no longer have it. When you have a lot of hair, you would seldom realize its importance and abuse it at will. You will try as many styles as possible and not care enough knowing fully well that you have good, beautiful hair.

But you can always lose hair when you change your shampoo, move to a different location or if there is a change in the water that you use. Stress is also another factor that makes you lose hair. There are something’s that you have little control over when it comes to hair loss, but something’s can be controlled.

These are the hair mistakes that you have been making and that you should stop making.

1. Ironing your hair everyday

You should not iron your hair every day. Ironing it every day and treating your hair to high temperatures on a daily basis will make it crack and weaken it. It will also make your hair dry, sucking all the moisture out of it.

Dry hair is brittle hair and brittle hair breaks and falls of easily. If you must, Iron it on alternate days and do not subject your hair to very high temperatures. Also do not iron your hair when it is west. This is also lead to a lot of breakages.

2. Using the same shampoo

You might think that you are doing your hair a favor by using the same shampoo for a long time, but it isn’t good or right. You need to keep changing your shampoo depending on how your hair feels and what it needs. If you are using a shampoo to treat dandruff, you need to stop using it once you have gotten rid of the dandruff.

You need to move on to a shampoo that would now moisturize your scalp and help cleanse it. The same applies to other kind of shampoos; keep changing it as and when your hair changes.

3. Using too many products at the same time

There are women who use a shampoo, a conditioner, iron and a serum all on the same day. Using too many products on your hair and treating it with different chemicals will definitely damage your hair and this is definitely a mistake that you should avoid if you want to retain your healthy mane.

Also try not to use a drier for too long and try to dry your hair with a towel as much as possible. Use a dryer only after you have let the towel soak as much water from your hair as possible.

4. Tying your hair too tight

When you tie your hair into a ponytail and you do it tight, you are putting your hair and the roots under a lot of pressure and stress. You will not only loosen them but after a while you might even experience headaches from having ties your hair too tight.

Pull your hair up and tie with a band that isn’t too tight but holds your hair right. Sever ponytails and knots might look good for a while but it is bad for your health and hair on the long run.

5. Coloring your hair one too many times

You should try and avoid coloring your hair in the first place as the chemicals in the dye can not only affect your hair but can also affect your skin. However if you are coloring your hair, make sure you do it once in a while and only when it is absolutely necessary.

Changing your hair color often will lead to your hair being exposed to a lot of chemicals. This will damage the structure of your hair the same way perming and chemical straightening would do. Decide on a color and stick with it for as long as possible to save your hair.

Your hair plays an important role in how you look. The way you maintain it also says a lot about your personality. Try to avoid these hair mistakes and moisturize your hair as much as possible to avoid hair fall, breakage and split ends.

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