5 Benefits of Coconut Milk for Hair

Coconut Milk, it must be noted, is not the same as Coconut Water. It is extracted from mature coconuts and is used in many dishes as an alternate to regular milk. There are various kinds of coconut milk available all over the world, depending on the thickness. It is primarily rich in Vitamins and is known to have some great benefits for one’s hair. Listed here are some of the benefits of Coconut Milk for your hair.

1. It detangles the hair

When applied for at least a couple of hours with the help of a cotton ball, Coconut Milk naturally detangles the hair and makes it smoother and easier to manage. It is a good treatment to indulge in once a week, especially if you like keeping your hair open all the time.

2. It promotes hair growth

Coconut Milk consists of essential fats and Vitamin E that boosts hair growth and helps you get luscious and pretty locks. You can mix it with Olive Oil or Castor Oil and massage it on your hair and scalp for a deep conditioning treatment that helps in reducing baldness.

3. It treats a dry and flaky scalp

Dry and flaky scalp not only causes dandruff, but can also damage your hair further. Coconut Milk has a moisturizing effect with its fats and it helps to improve the scalp condition.

4. It repairs damaged hair

Exposure to sun and pollution causes the hair and scalp to get damaged a lot. Coconut Milk replenishes your hair and scalp quite effectively by providing the right amount of nutrition and nourishment. Your hair gets more protein and becomes stronger and longer.

5. It makes hair shiny

With regular application of Coconut Milk on your hair, you will find it becoming smooth and shiny. You can even add honey for better effect. Apply the mix for a couple of hours at least twice a week, and you will notice visible results. Shampoo as usual, and make sure that you condition well after that.

Coconut Milk is a miracle worker for your health, hair and skin. It works from outside and inside both, and is a great thing to keep in your kitchen at all times to include in your diet, as well as your beauty regimen. It is super healthy, and is known to have great benefits such as lowering cholesterol, aiding in weight loss, and even helping in the treatment of arthritis.

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