custom 3d printed jewelry inspired by the hilbert curve


The Los Angeles-based design studioZimarty have just launched a new, four-piece collection of 3D printed jewelry. The Zimarty Loop collection comprises a necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings, each with an interwoven three-dimensional form. When designing the collection, they found inspiration in the Hilbert Curve, a continuous, space-filling curve discovered by German mathematician David Hilbert in 1891. Zimarty first studied the curve and after coming up with multiple versions, they transformed the simple two-dimensional pattern into a complex, three-dimensional structure to adorn the body like wearable architecture.

The Loop Necklace is fully 3D printed from a strong yet flexible nylon-based polymer that’s comfortable to wear. The Loop Bracelet, Loop Ring and Loop Earrings are fully 3D printed in black rhodium-plated brass with a smooth, glossy surface.

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