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Father Advocates for Postpartum Depression Awareness After Wife’s Tragic Passing Following Twins’ Birth

Tyler Sutton, a father from Easton, Massachusetts, is advocating for greater awareness of postpartum depression (PPD) following the tragic loss of his wife, Ariana Sutton, just nine days after the birth of their twins. Ariana, 36, had previously battled PPD after the birth of their first child, Melody, five years earlier. During that time, her husband Tyler, 37, noticed she exhibited obsessive behaviors, such as excessively checking tap water for contamination and reluctance to be alone with their baby.

After undergoing treatment for PPD, the couple, feeling optimistic, decided to expand their family. They were elated to learn in November 2022 that they were expecting twins, who were born on May 22 this year. The newborns, Everly and Rowan, were admitted to the neonatal unit for monitoring. Despite being prescribed medication to manage her PPD immediately after giving birth, Ariana continued to struggle with anxiety and stress, told Metro.

Tragically, Tyler discovered Ariana had taken her life at home while the twins were still in the hospital. Now a single father, Tyler is grateful for the opportunity to raise his three children but is still coming to terms with the loss of his wife. He reflects on the possibility that Ariana may have hidden her struggles from him, having experienced PPD before.

Tyler is calling for more proactive discussions about PPD in the medical community, both during pregnancy and postpartum. He wishes for regular conversations about the condition to help those suffering feel more comfortable seeking help.

The couple, who had been married for seven years, first faced PPD following the birth of Melody in 2018. Tyler recalls Ariana’s rapid mood changes and her increased obsessive-compulsive behaviors. She was hospitalized in November 2018 and diagnosed with a severe case of PPD, spending two months in treatment. Despite this, Ariana later expressed a desire for more children, a decision Tyler initially hesitated on due to the previous traumatic experience.

With support from their therapist, the couple decided to have more children. However, after the twins were born prematurely, Ariana was plagued by guilt and irrational fears. Tyler recalls a harrowing day in May 2023 when he received a call from Ariana’s therapist, indicating that she hadn’t answered her phone. Upon returning home, he was confronted with the devastating reality.

Through his tragedy, Tyler hopes to shine a light on the importance of recognizing and addressing PPD to prevent other families from experiencing similar heartache.

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